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Internet Marketing
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Welcome to the world of "Internet Marketing".

"Internet Marketing" is not rocket science, however you do need the right tools in
order to make it work. Don't listen to all the B.S. and hype that make claims like this:

"I'll do all the work for you"
"All you have to do is push this button"
"This is so easy a monkey can do it"
"Just send me $XX.XX and you're on your way"

You get the idea. People will try to convince you that all you have to do
is send them your money, push a button, and you'll be rich.

Well folks, it just doesn't work that way. It will cost you a little to start
a money making "Internet Marketing" business. You won't get rich over night.
But if you get the right tools and use them properly, you will eventually be able to
fire your boss!

The very most important tool you will need is an auto responder. All of the
most successful "Internet Marketers" have one. Get yours today and become
familiar with it, so you can use it when the time comes. I can set one up for you,
if you want. My contact information is at the bottom of this page. Just let me know.

This is the auto responder I use:
Traffic Wave (auto responder)

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